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Shadow looked for a place to hide. The man coming into the place smelled of bad. If he was human, he'd describe the balding repairman as smelling of beer sweat, but he lacked the words or knowledge. Seeing the guy was going to his favorite hiding place, Shadow settled for trying to make himself as inobtrusive as possible in his kitty day bed, and watched the man work on the sink through the doorway leeding into the living room.

"No one told me there'd be a lousy fuckin cat in this place," Chad groused. His head was still aching from the binge last night. He pounded brews with his buds, but it never seemed to fill him, only numbing him to his empty life. He knocked back a six pack on his way into work, had another six pack for his lunch, and planned on getting hammered once again at the bar after work. It was his life, and it helped him face each day of grousing tennants, broken plumbing, and other things.

Like today. He was alergic to cats, and tennants were supposed to lock them away before he showed up. "That frigid bitch left her worthless furball out on purpouse." He had asked her out several times, but she rejected him. From the disgusted look he got back when he tried checking out her ass, he decided she was either a virgin, or a lesbo. He crawled under the sink, and started working on the leaky pipes.

A few hours later, he decided it was Beer o clock, and got his lunchbox. He knew he had the place to himself, sat back, and started drinking in ernest. Amber liquid flowed from small openings into his open mouth. As each can was sucked dry, he crushed them, then popped them into the lunchbox. Last thing he needed was someone wondering where six cans of cheap beer came from.

After four of them, he felt good, tingling and wavy. He decided to look around the place, and see what this high and mighty woman wore to bed. He slowly slipped into the bedroom, carting his lunchbox. He flopped the lunchbox onto the floor, and started looking through the top drawer of an old, heavy dresser. "Oh, and what do we have here? Miss High and Mighty has sexy underwear." He lifted each in turn, getting an eyefull and thinking of what those garments covered.

Shadow saw the strange man. He smelled he was drinking bad stuff, that made his nose cramp from the stench. He peeked out from over the rim of his plush day bed, and saw the foul man was notwhere he had been all morning. He looked around, and glared after the trail of rotten smell into his Mistress's bedroom. Instinctively, he knew the man was not where he was supposed to be at. He glared angrily into the bedroom, and slowly slunk his way after him.

He was grinning fiercely, and thought of slipping one pair into his pocket, when he heard a loud MROW right under his feet. It made him leap straight up into the air, and land on his not steady feet. He flailed a moment, trying to grab anything to prevent him from falling, and clutched the hard wood of the dresser drawer. Instinctively, he knew not to lean down on it, and instead pulled at it outwards, dropping it as it came out.

He landed on the floor, but heard a sharp crunch. He winced, knowing that he had broken something. "Shit. I hope I didn't break that. Hopefully I can pass it off as her fault." He started getting to his feet, and looked. The drawer sat, with everything looking almost still in place, only jumped from the landing. But he noticed the drawer had landed on something, and he noticed a small tip of a tail poking from under it. He lifted the drawer, and looked at it first. It was whole and intact, but had a small bloodstain on the underside.

He looked on the floor, and saw what happened. "Shit. That fucking cat." He looked at it, and saw there was a small rill of blood. The cat's head landed on a pair of pristine white panties, which bloomed small flowers of blood soaking into the fabric. He checked the cat, and saw it was dead, twitching in death. Quickly, he picked it up, and rabitted to the day bed. He checked under the panties, and found they soaked all the blood. He crammed them into his pocket, and made sure noone would realize he had ever been in the room.

He quickly finished his work. He wanted to get out of there fast, and not have to come back for some time. The panic had cleared his head, and he stopped goldbricking the repair job. As he was putting his tools away, the cat clumsily walked into the kitchen. "So, you didn't die, you little shithead. Let me see if you're all right." He reached down to check the cat, and felt it. The cat seemed a little cooler than what he thought an animal was, and felt its neck. As he did, the cat lurched, and sunk his teeth into the webbing between his finger and thumb.

The blood flowed freely, and Chad saw a chunk had been ripped out of his hand. He kicked the cat hard, sending it across the room. He held his hand to his chest, and hurriedly grabbed his toolkit and lunchbox. Cursing loudly, he slammed the door behind him, not caring about the small puddle of blood he left on the kitchen floor.

Shadow looked at the door blankly, and swallowed the chunk he had ripped off of the man's hand. It tasted better than anything he had ever had before. He barely remembered tuna, but this beat it by far. He smelled something still in the kitchen, and he muddled in slowly. He smelled the rich smell of something tasty all over the floor. He stumbled down, and began lapping at the blood all over the kitchen floor.


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Feb. 29th, 2008 10:09 am (UTC)
great read keep up the good work
Mar. 2nd, 2008 05:20 am (UTC)
cant wait for more
i just started reading this blog 3 days ago and am now caught up to present. i must say i cant wait to see what else is locked inside your beautiful mind. please dont give it up.
Mar. 30th, 2008 05:09 am (UTC)
Zombie animals we are so screwed.
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