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Patient 1-Alpha

Stephen crawled out of bed, feeling like he was breathing through a water soaked rag. He had gone for a "business trip" and had himself the grandest time, exploring and trying out new places. He had just gotten back yesterday.

He tried to do his morning routine. Feeling a little dizzy, he shambled to the mirror, and began to run the hot water for a shave. Right when he started getting his lather cup going, a spasm of coughs racked his skinny frame, causing him to finally fall on the floor in a jerking pile of limbs.

After he recovered for a bit, he snatched his cell phone up and called in. To hell with trying to come in. He knew there wasn't anything important in his schedule. He called his secretary, and let her answering machine know what was going on.

After he got done with that, he crawled back to bed.

But little did he know the stuffed animal he got his secretary's kid, sitting on her desk where he put it yesterday, was crawling with death. Not only was the stuffed animal covered in the virus, but also every doorknob and place he touched.


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Mar. 30th, 2008 05:07 am (UTC)
After this shit I imagine hazmat suits and lysol is going to jump in price.
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