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March 2nd, 2008

The Maw of Cronos

Inside Cronus Amalgamated Machinery, a plot was in the works. In one of the offices, a balding, grey haired man stopped looking out the window, and spun to look on the person who had just entered.

"Do you have a report on our activities to date?"

The woman who had entered looked irritated. "Yes, I do. According to what little pre-apocalypse data we had, we knew Seattle was to be a focal point, where a protest had gone rampant, and some two hundred protesters. We sent in our best people for the job, and was able to infiltrate both sides of the crowd."

She looked inside a folder, read the report within it, and scowled. "According to the news and our inside sources, we were unsuccessful. In fact, the boys in Research and Development pointed out in their report that we actually might have caused what we were trying to prevent."

"They have been harping about that the whole time. Tell them they were brought back here to stop events from unfolding. Instead of trying to push this immutable time issue, they should try to get cracking on a solution."

"They have found a few more focal points. We have agents ready in Tokyo ready with launchers and warheads, as well as several other key cities."

"Standard fusion bombs?" he asked, one eyebrow raised.

"No. The tech boys were able to make several neutron bombs. It should sterilize the cities, instead of completely destroying it. Our agents there will not be able to get clear, but they all are from the disposable assets we have built up."

"I still don't like the fact we are using people from the past in this."

"I agree, but the Matrius wasn't powerful enough to bring enough of our own people back. Better to use what measures we can."

"All right. Activate them, have them sterilize their main objectives. I assume they have been told it is something other than neutron bombs?"

"We used the usual story of weather survey equipment. They will serve well enough."

"And the Seattle situation?"

She looked through the papers in her folder. "Seems most of the Risen from the protest are in some area hospitals. Research states we should be able to get some falsified orders through the CDC, and get them into one facility. Once we do that, if we demolish the building, we should be able to stave off the incident that will be happening in a few days."

"Yes, the incident where the Risen overwhelmed a facility and got loose, then cause Seattle to be overwhelmed and lost, even to this day."

He spun in his chair, and looked out at the city. "Get it done. We did not come back to fail."

She turned, and walked out, grim face trying to decide what had to be done.

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