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Cassandra's Curse

Cursed with visions of Death

21 November 1973
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Awakened for years by images most terrible, one man struggles to overcome all limits, survive the horrors that abound, and save as many as he can before all are consumed by Death.

This story is fueled by high octane nightmares, and is updated as the writer is updated by the nightmares!

This story is written by Magestorm Allgoode, Author of: Potatoes Among the Dead, Baked Potatoes Among the Dead, Show Me the Dead, Milking the Dead, and Babe in the Woods. These stories can either be found at http://magestormallgoode.deviantart.com or in the Dead Stories section of the forum at Tactical Underground's Hotel 23.

Efforts are in the works to bring Shattered Death to the small screen, via HyD TV. But getting equipment, actors, locations, and licenses takes money. By clicking here, you not only help bring this to the screen, but also help bring the future of television to the forefront of modern technology!

The future of television is NOW!

Lost Destination

One good fan of mine's website dealing with deserted places. Thursday nights are when the group chats, around 9pm Eastern.


Great webcomic, using nontraditional methods. Suggested good read!

Permuted Press

Hotel 23

Raptorman's site. Excellent journal. The forums and stories on the forum here are pretty damn good too!