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If I Should Die Before I Wake

Doctor Stephens was extremely puzzled by the case he was looking at. "Well, I suppose I should call you Rasputin, eh?" he said to the black cat within the cage. According to the record, the city pound had tried a lethal injection, then had tried gassing the cat. Instead of dying like he should have, Shadow kept living, and had wounded three of the staff there.

The doctor wasn't about to take a chance, as within hours after getting bitten, people were getting sick. He donned a pair of puncture resistant Kevlar and leather gloves, and an apron made of finely linked chain maile. "Now it's time to figure you out, my little friend" he muttered at the cat, which was clearly agitated.

He used several hypodermic needles to take samples of blood, and noted the blood was brackish, and even partially clotted. "Now, that is strange" he murmured, and set the samples aside to be studied later. He made sure the patient was firmly secured, then took out his stethoscope. After several minutes, He backed away,, puzzled.

He left the exam room briefly, and went to track down Mr Boobers, the office cat. The grey and white poofball of a cat looked at him, and murred for a treat. He absentmindedly reached over to the jar nearby, and popped one into the mouth of the cat. Purring, he allowed his pet man to place the stethoscope on him. Sure enough, Doctor Stephens heard a loud rattling sound of purring through them, as well as the lub lub sound of the cat's fast heartbeat.

He went back into the exam room, and checked the enigma within. Nothing, except some sounds from the cat's digestive tract could be heard. "Well, my friend, they said you need to be put down for a rabies test. Maybe they didn't use quite enough on you." He decided against trying to put an IV into the cat's vein, opting for an intracardial injection. He loaded a syringe with sodium pentobarbital, enough to put down five cats, held the cat as still as he could, then slid the needle into the cat's chest.

He made sure he was in the right area, then began pumping the cat with the fatal dose. He removed the needle once the plunger was fully depressed, and watched. To his shock and amazement, after five whole minutes, the cat was still alive. In fact, it acted as if it had never been injected.

He scratched his chin, and reluctantly came to a decision. His clinic kept an old gassing chamber, that was only used when an injection was not possible. Carefully, he unstrapped the cat, and holding it by the scruff of the neck, took him to the clear chamber. Holding him by the one safe place, the scruff of the neck, he opened the door, and got the wild creature into the chamber. The entire time, Shadow just fought madly, which puzzled Doctor Stephens. Normally, cats went limp, and stopped fighting, out of instinctive reflex.

He checked the gauge on the carbon dioxide canister, and found it was completely full. With a reluctant face, he opened the valve fully, and watched the cage as the hiss of the gas began feeding into the nearly airtight cage. At the top were sealable vent holes, so one could make sure the regular air was vented out, fully gassing an animal.

The oxygen light flickered from green to yellow, then went to red. At the same time, Another light gauge for carbon dioxide went from red to green. Once the CO2 light was green, and the O2 light was red, he knew the animal had to be breathing pure carbon dioxide. He stood there and watched in puzzlement as he saw the cat continuing to attack the cage. He picked up the phone, and had his secretary run to the supply store then and there, and pick up another bottle of gas.

The place was just down the street, selling welding and medical gasses. She came back with a small metal bottle, and handed it to him. He swapped out the gas, and repeated the procedure. Again, the sensors went like they should, But the cat kept clumsily slamming against the transparent wall of the cage.

Carefully, he removed the cat, and placed it in the nearby holding cage. The cat actually tried biting the gloved hand, and the doctor marveled at how it had hurt, even through the glove. He then went into the other room, and came back with a small white mouse, that he kept on hand for the snakes he often got into his care. He placed the mouse within the chamber, and tested it. Sure enough, the mouse died quickly, falling asleep then stilling within a short period of time.

He decided to put the cat back, and analyze what he had for blood samples. As he puzzled over this, he failed to note the small tear in the glove the cat had bitten, nor the shallow scratches the cat's teeth had placed on the skin underneath. The cat's fang had found a sloppy seam, and the scratch was crawling with death.

Unaware of his coming mortality, Dr Stephens started working on other animals in his clinic.


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Mar. 21st, 2008 11:31 pm (UTC)
where have you been?
you havent posted anything in awhile. hope everything is ok.
Mar. 24th, 2008 11:31 pm (UTC)
Re: where have you been?
Well, been dealing with some health issues, as well as trying to do some research. While I pride myself of as much realism as possible, I might have to give it up and pull some stuff from my ass.
Mar. 25th, 2008 02:07 am (UTC)
Re: where have you been?
hey, take your time. i enjoy the fact that you put realism into your work. well wishes from the other side of the state (tickel9 being too lazy to log in on openID)
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