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Wildfire-Second Iteration

"And now for a look at the international world, here's Marc."

"Thanks Jenny," then man replied, chipper and dazzling. "Near Hong Kong, some farmers accidentally discovered an unknown tomb of some kind. Archaeologists are exited, and it could possibly be the royal crypt of an unknown royal figure. But they'll research the place extensively.

In other news there has been a recent rash of violence.........."

The invader slept for many years. It was related to the virus that caused the 1918 Influenza Pandemic, only it was so old, most humans, birds, and pigs were not immune to it's effects. It had destroyed an entire Dynasty that had been eluded to, but never talked about, for fear it would come to pass.

It saw it's escape in a small child, handling objects and dropping one that contained it. the airtight jar, that held the remains of a pig, smashed and doused them all with the dust of the animal's flesh, as well as thousands of dormant virii. At that time, they left the place, and contacted the authorities. Of course, none of them dared breathe a word about the gold they had pocketed, not even to their city slicker cousin.

But none of them had time to do more than dream of a better life. Of them all, not one had gone without getting infected. They were all laid up in their home, unable to even summon medical assistance.

And the child that had dropped the jar was struggling with getting the next gurgling, frothing breath. The influenza had ravaged his lungs, and he had not long to live.

In Hong Kong, Chen was laying in the Hospital, with similar symptoms. The restaraunt was closed down, but because all the workers were also sick. One doctor looked at the charts and records, and shook his head. All he could hope was this wasn't some totally new virus. With a shaky hand, he wrote on the whiteboard where they were noting things about the disease, and with a squeek sound, wrote a number.

Then number was 30%, and it went next to the Mortality rate. If this got out into the world, millions could die. And from what they gathered of the restaraunt, it had easily jumped borders, and was about to cause a disaster of the likes noone had seen.

Or ever been prepared to manage.

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